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Jumpstart Your Digital Transformation with RPA

While the very subject of automation is not new, RPA is much more than a tool leveraged to capture data such as for automated invoice scanning and recognition in purchasing and supply management.

RPA is a technology used to automate repetitive activities and free up employees’ time. RPA executes mundane tasks that an employee typically executes manually.

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Improve Customer Experience

Bots are quick and accurate leading to satisfied customers.

Increased Accuracy

Bots do as they are told and do not make mistakes.

Low Technical Barriers

Develop bots with limited technical skills.

Maintain Compliance

Bots are configured to follow regulatory compliance and wont break any rules. 

Award Winning RPA Provided by ElectroNeek

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Highlighted Features

Gather Data

Gather data from multiple sources and format it the way your users need it.

Query database and other data sources 

Rules-based Exception Handling

RPA system supports deployments with rules-based exception handling. This feature handles the exception in a proactive manner.

Seamless Integration

Easily integrate with any application without having to dig into the code. If it can be done through the UI it can be done with a bot.

Robust Security

With a secure and well-established RPA system has an Orchestrator, a tool that tracks execution logs, providing RPA security and compliance for both the RPA bots’ actions and the people involved. 

Process Analysis

Process recording for even faster bot development.

Replay the user’s actions in the automated workflow once to see the mapped-out process right on the canvas in front of you.

Automated Data Entry

Integrate data capture into existing workflow processes and critical systems with ease. Deliver data to back-end systems from remote workstations or mobile devices.

RPA Solutions Tailored to Fit Your Business

RPA can help your organization become more efficient and improve the working environment of your team. With RPA, your employees can focus on more meaningful tasks while saving time and money.

Contact us today to create a digital workforce tailored to fit for your business.

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