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Processing Documents Manually is Hurting Your Business

Many business processes still rely on information contained within business documents in both paper or image format. The documents may include invoices, forms, contracts, claims, mortgage documentation, receipts and more.

Whether you choose to derive relevant data from these documents manually or not at all, your business is paying the price.

Learn how Intelligent Data Capture can provide access to the valuable data in your documents automatically.

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Faster Revenue

Accelerate transactions, decisions and actions,  shortening time to revenue

Maximize Resources

Reduce time spent on data entry and refocus your staff on business-critical tasks.

Operating Costs

Replace costly and inefficient manual operations with IDC and Machine Learning

Maintain Compliance

Meet SLAs, such as payment terms or regulatory compliance deadlines, to get discounts and avoid penalties

Transform Streams of Documents Into Business‑Ready Data


Highlighted Features

Multi-Channel Input

Multi-channel data entry enables you to process both paper and digital documents coming from multiple sources in a single flow, including MFPs, network scanners, e-mails, FTP, web post or hot folders and mobile devices.

Intelligent Data Extraction

Using Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP), capture any data from any document regardless of complexity.

Leading OCR and ICR

Ensure exceptional accuracy with reliable industry leading optical character recognition (OCR) and ICR engines that includes support for over 180 languages.

Simple and Speedy Set-up

With auto-learning capabilities that help accelerate your time to production and reduce ongoing system maintenance costs. The technology allows the user to train the system to process flexible or irregular document layouts while the operator retains full control to edit, fine-tune or discard auto-learning results.

High Scalability

FlexiCapture can be scaled both vertically and horizontally to support high volume and fast document processing scenarios.

Whether you need to process 3 million documents per day or 50 we have the solution for you.

Flexible Integration

Integrate data capture into existing workflow processes and critical systems with ease. Deliver data to back-end systems from remote workstations or mobile devices.

Document Solutions Tailored to Fit Your Business

We know that it’s not “one size fits all” when it comes to technology implementations. That’s why we invest time with you to better understand your current business processes, challenges, and goals for growth. In return, we offer industry insights, business process best practices, and expertise across several technology platforms.

Contact us today to design a document solution tailored to fit for your business.

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