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You can’t understand your processes if you don’t have the right intelligence tools.


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Process Intelligence platform designed to transform any business process.

In today’s world, most process execution is tracked, managed, and executed through IT systems of record. That means you already have a record of just about everything about your process. All you need is the right tool to recreate an end-to-end view of the process.

By ingesting, merging, and analyzing this wealth of data properly, patterns and insights can be discovered that offer new opportunities for operational efficiency and better customer experiences.

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Uncover Automation Opportunities

Analyze, quantify, and target digital transformation initiatives or automation initiatives that have the greatest impact on processes.

Identify Trends

Identify trends and improve processes by tracking employee productivity and other key process elements.

Know Your Entire Process

Show each event of a process, including the most ad-hoc and variable workflows, in a matter of seconds.

Predict Outcomes

Predict how ongoing processes will be affected by historical patterns in process execution.

How it works: ABBYY Timeline in action!

Timeline Home Page Screenshot

Timeline View Screenshot

Schema View Screenshot

As soon as data is loaded ABBYY Timeline
immediately provides profile metrics for your business processes.

Timeline automatically reconstructs process instances from your data even when that data is sourced from multiple systems.

Process schemas are automatically detected in both structured and ad hoc (case management) business process environments.

Highlighted Features

Over 25 pre-built, industry best-practice tools

Quickly build complex queries and sophisticated analysis from existing data in an easy-to-use, intuitive, user-friendly interface.

Task mining, desktop recording, and desktop analysis

Analyze desktop user interaction and seamlessly link it with process details to enable you to better connect the dots between your people, processes, and content.

Seamless Integration

Provide a single location to visualize and analyze all your business processes end-to-end, no matter how many back-end systems are being used.

Monitor and Alert

Maintain ongoing protocols to prevent bad processes from occurring by notifying the right staff or automating remediation.

Process Analysis

Process recording for even faster bot development.

Replay the user’s actions in the automated workflow once to see the mapped-out process right on the canvas in front of you.

Automated Data Entry

Integrate data capture into existing workflow processes and critical systems with ease. Deliver data to back-end systems from remote workstations or mobile devices.


RPA can help your organization become more efficient and improve the working environment of your team. With RPA, your employees can focus on more meaningful tasks while saving time and money.

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