Legal & Compliance Automation

Minimize Risk Using Automation


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Businesses need to protect themselves from unnecessary risk and compliance failure through their legal and compliance departments.

A central repository provides access to every authorized person using rules that are set up to your requirements. Routing is also automatic, with emails updating everyone involved.

Capture, store, and manage your entire contract lifecycle and allow full visibility on a single secure platform.

Legal & Compliance Automation Solutions


Empower your document intake by treating your documents as data, not as pictures of paper.

By converting your documents to searchable text you can easily find the right documents when you need them


Using contract management you can accelerate the review and approval process by automating your contract lifecycle.

Route contracts to the right people at the right time.


Make use of robots to handle things like paperwork, database searches, and legal research, so that your legal teams can concentrate on mastering their cases and providing the most effective legal advice.


Reduce paperwork and the time to plan, customize and document an audit.

Set up protocol monitoring to alert your team as soon a process falls out of compliance.