Bulk Export Agent and Manager

OnBase Bulk Data Exports Just Got Easier!


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Ditch the Constraints of Custom Export Scripts

This application powered by MTS Software Solutions, provides OnBase users the ability to configure and schedule bulk exports of documents and data from OnBase for integrations, audits, and more.

  • Streamline Customer Service
  • Automate Touch-less Exports
  • Simplify Compliance
  • Improve Administration Experience
  • Expand LOB Application Integration
  • Ease Platform Conversion/Migration

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Improve Admin Experience

Configure export jobs with a user-friendly web interface designed to interact with multiple OnBase instances.

Maximize Resources

Reduce time spent on data entry and refocus your staff on business-critical tasks.

Ease Platform Conversion/Migration

Reduce the time and energy required to export data and images from OnBase for full, or partial, conversion/migration.

Simplify Compliance

Provide documents and images required by auditors, examiners, and government officials without compromising access to your OnBase system.

OnBase Bulk Data Exports Just Got Easier

Highlighted Features

Use Your OnBase Authentication

Users are prompted to enter their OnBase login credentials. BEAM uses the OnBase API to authenticate the user and allow access.

Combine Multiple Export Jobs

Define job groups to link multiple export jobs together. This feature is made possible by the separation of the export job configuration and the export service.

Apply OnBase Custom Queries

Create an export job from custom queries that already exist in OnBase. New jobs can also be created as a clone of an existing job or from a template.

Generate Folders During Export

Define and automatically generate a hierarchy of folders for the exported data and image files. Options include foldering using keyword values to create folder names.

Format Your Export Data

Use point and click operations to generate substrings from keyword data, perform data formatting and add literal constants into the export.

Utilize Dynamic Filter Criteria

Load a multi-column CSV file that contains filter criteria for an export job. Loaded dynamically at the point of export to enable integration with LOB/ERP systems.

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