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Are manual processes slowing down your business?

Whether you’re processing invoices in accounts payable (AP) or reviewing and approving contracts, you can’t afford for your key business processes to be slow, error-prone, or cumbersome.

No matter how big or small your organization is, ISW can help you automate your most critical data and document centric processes.

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Improve Processes

Improve process efficiencies with flexible, complex workflow capabilities.

Maximize Resources

Increase user productivity and ensure continuity of processes

Detailed Workflow History

Present a clear picture of your data’s journey, from creation to revision and storage.

Maintain Compliance

Meet SLAs, such as payment terms or regulatory compliance deadlines, to get discounts and avoid penalties

Where Can You Benefit From Workflow Automation?

  • Save time and shorten process cycles
  • Make form creation easier and faster
  • Reduce costs associated with dedicated resources to perform custom coding

  • Facilitate business transaction processing by presenting all related information to the user
  • Optimize business processes by providing a framework of rules to efficiently route electronic documents and data

  • Promote accountability by providing detailed auditable history to monitor security and employee performance
  • Enforce consistent business practices, reducing process variance and associated risk

Highlighted Features

Hundreds of pre-defined Rules and Actions

Make it easy to configure Workflow Life Cycles to automate business processes with hundreds of pre-defined rules

Intuitive UI

Flexible and user-configurable interfaces that can be customized and filtered by role

Point-and-click configurable Approval Rules can be created without any custom development

Custom Notifications

Engage users to participate in workflow when needed using automatic e-mail notifications.

Unattended Automation

Configurable Timers provide automation and unattended document and data processing.

Delegate Approvals

Approval Delegation allows approvers to designate replacement approvers for periods of scheduled time off

Flexible Integration

Dynamic Role Lookup can be accomplished via configured SQL Statements or Unity Scripts to query approval hierarchies defined in third-party systems to dynamically assign approvers

Workflow Solutions Tailored to Fit Your Business

We know that it’s not “one size fits all” when it comes to technology implementations. That’s why we invest time with you to better understand your current business processes, challenges, and goals for growth. In return, we offer industry insights, business process best practices, and expertise across several technology platforms.

Contact us today to design a workflow solution tailored to fit for your business.

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