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HR depends on document-driven processes, automation offers clear benefits for productivity. Several things need to be completed, such as employee contracts, W-2s (For contractors, W-9s), and state withholding regulations.

In paper-based offices, ensuring that forms are completed, received, and filed correctly can be time-consuming and error can easily happen.

HR Automation can improve efficiency and reduce cycle time for HR departments by digitizing and simplifying document-centric tasks.

End to End AP Automation

Forms Processing


Automatically extract data and process any kind of forms: paper or digital documents, hand printed or machine printed

Create e-Forms that can be accessed from any device.

Content Management

Managing employee files digitally removes the frustrations and risks, while giving HR managers on-demand access to a comprehensive view of each employee.

Process Automation

Managing employees is vital to the success of any company. OnBase helps organizations achieve their goals by automating tasks and providing a central place to track key human resources processes like evaluations, vacation requests and forms-based tasks.

Easily Integrate


Integrate seamlessly with core applications like ERPs and HRIS without requiring custom code.

Using bots you can access any application to collect, reconcile, and update data across all systems.