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Gain access and real-time visibility to documents, metadata, and workflows managed in OnBase directly from your applications. The Integration Gateway enables users to capture, view, and exchange documents and data between standard and custom objects in and OnBase ECM.

Why integrate OnBase and using the Integration Gateway by Initium SoftWorks?

  • Speed Implementation Cycle
  • Leverage Native Functionality
  • Expand Integration Capabilities
  • Optimize License Management

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Speed Implementation Cycle

Don’t spend time or money on Unity API Certification, customers can minimize time to go-live and begin onboarding users and documents right away.

Leverage Salesforce Functionality

Because we expose OnBase metadata natively in Salesforce, your Admins & Developers can extend the features and flexibility of both platforms to improve visibility and streamline processes

Expand Integration Capabilities

Need to integrate additional applications to OnBase? Our Integration Gateway can be used to integrate with any 3rd party application using RESTful APIs.

Optimize License Management

We’ve built a mechanism to maximize availability of OnBase concurrent licenses. We can help you determine how many licenses to dedicate to the integration while maximizing the number of licenses available for core OnBase users.

Document Creation & Management in Either Application

The Integration Gateway requires the creation of two custom objects in Salesforce.

  • OnBase Documents
  • OnBase Keywords

These custom objects manage the metadata associated with documents in OnBase. Documents can be created manually or as a result of a workflow in either application.

Because the OnBase metadata is presented natively in custom objects in Salesforce, administrators and developers can leverage the flexibility and functionality of Salesforce to build workflows, custom components, formulas, reports, dashboards, and more

Highlighted Features

Configurable Mapping Logic

Stores mapping and logic associated with how Salesforce data and OnBase documents are synced.


Translates the OnBase Unity API into JSON to enable integration with Salesforce and other applications.

Audit Log

Provides API-level logging for support and/or audit requirements.

OnBase Session Management

Optimizes the availability of concurrent OnBase sessions with efficient data processing.

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